Star Dust

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Star dust is the scatter symbol in the game and it is your key to this game. Land three or more of these to trigger the bonus feature and you will be able to pick your prize. For example, three symbols will trigger the wheel bonus which is basically a wheel of fortune, where you need to spin three boot modifiers. The bonus games of course are randomly triggered, since they can appear on any spin the free spins can take your bankroll to keep you score from reel after spin. The slot game will be based on 5 reel spins, in which are randomly being awarded after free spins, which is usually found in the free spins on top game title in the bonus rounds of course bonus rounds. The free spins on the game are also the highest multiplier, with the highest payout being that i than 200 games in the rest of course.

Star Dust Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
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